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Reviews: The Go! Team - T, L, S


tls What a way to start off a band. Thunder, Lightning, Strike is the first The Go! Team album I ever listened to. One basic but kind of important thing I can say about it is that it's very indie. If you don't really like indie music that much, maybe you shouldn't listen to this. It's also very alternative. Same goes for that. What makes The Go! Team unique is that I've never heard anything like this before. It varies quite a bit, but stays close enough in a stable, fine-tuned way. It worried me quite a bit when I read the genres for this album went from "indie rock" to "alternative hip hop", two very different genres. I could tell the difference, but it was so subtle that I can't really complain. I have quite an interest in hard pop, breakcore, alt rock, y'know. Things like that. So this, this is definitely different from what I usually listen to. It's got a big hip hop, dancey feel to it, but I can't say that in a bad way. In fact, it's better off being a different type of genre. Nothing like this would fit any other genre, in my opinion. It would be weird to hear. Onto the vocals, there isn't much I can say about them, because there aren't many vocals at all, really. The vocals clash pretty well with the instrumental, but my main problem is that at some points, they sound too quiet. This is a shame though, because the lyrics are always fun. The main song in this album that puts them both together so perfectly that I can easily hear what the singer is singing and what instruments are being played is "Hold Yr Terror Close", my favorite song on the album.

I think this album pretty well sums up what The Go! Team is capable of, which is what a debut album should always do. I'll definitely have to listen to this band more.


The Go! Team, in REAAL LIIIFE